Semulov 1.3

Your mounted volumes in your menu bar


  • Quick access to volumes
  • Divides volumes by type


  • Lacks explanations

Very good

For people who work with many volumes connected at once onto their Mac, get around them all can be a real pain. Semulov lists all your mounted volumes from your menu bar.

The software appears as a discreet eject icon in your menu bar, with the number of mounted volumes next to it. Click on the icon and a drop down list of all your volumes, divided by type, will appear.

Semulov shows startup and internal drives as well as external ones, disks, disk images and networks. You can choose to eject volumes individually or all at once.

What Semulov really lacks are proper explanations. Even though it may not be very difficult to use, it would have been nice to have some guide as to how to use it and how you can set the preferences.

Despite the lack of information, Semulov is a very handy tool to show all your volumes at once and eject them in a click. And it's free!

Semulov lists all mounted volumes in your menubar, categorized by type. Clicking on a volume menu will unmount/eject that volume. Semulov supports Growl unmount and mount notifications

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Semulov 1.3

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